The film Ilha das Flores

The film Ilha das Flores (Jorge Furtado, 1989) is an incredibly interesting film that toys with your emotions in order to be able to get its message across. Furtado is able to get his message across by using both narrative and documentary formats to tell his story.
Many times throughout the film this very tactic of narrative formats tends to confuse its audience on what the tone of the film really is. One of the first narrative formats used in the Ilha das Flores was the introduction of characters and is done by introducing Mr. Suzuki to the story. This first introduction is done in a very humorous way that makes the audience believe that the story will somehow revolve around Mr. Suzuki. When In reality the story is just building in order to begin to talk about the life of the tomato. Another thing that was used in a very humorous manner was at the beginning of the film and ties into the documental elements and that would have to be the acknowledgment of the camera. This occurs during the introduction of Ms.

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Analysis of the Voices in the Debate on EV Charging Speed

Analysis of the Voices in the Debate on EV Charging Speed Charging speed is a major point of contention in the debate on whether the world is ready or not for the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Surrounding this part of the debate are three main perspectives: People who are completely satisfied with current charging speed, people who are mostly satisfied but would appreciate improvements, and those whose lifestyle could not support an electric vehicle with current speeds.
Personally, I can see merit to all three arguments. Before researching and experiencing life with an EV, I was very skeptical of charging speeds and could never see charging speed ever being fast enough. After doing some research and realizing how much driving habits can vary greatly from person to person, it now makes sense to me that people would fall into all three parts of the discussion. From research, reflection and real life EV ownership experience, I now believe current charging speed is plenty for most lifestyles, but also think an increase in charging speed would be welcomed by many other EV drivers.

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny meant that the move westward was bound to happen, so American thinkers all had their own opinions on the idea of westward expansion, and their own ways of portraying their ideas. Thinkers portrayed their ideas through art, letters, and speeches, all of which proved to be very effective. American thinkers justified westward expansion by using the idea of divine providence, the opportunities of going west, and for the growing population.
The growing population of the United States proved to be a factor in the expansion westward. John L. O’ Sullivan, an influential journalist, stated, “by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions,” (SH3) which means that the population is set to be growing at millions at a time. O’ Sullivan believes that European Immigrants will be coming to the United States yearly, so in order to be able to take in large amounts of people, the United States needs to expand westward and get more land, no matter what it takes.

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