An Academic Essay Writing Brief Guide

A lot of young people don’t know what it takes to create an excellent essay. Thanks to online writing services review websites, students can easily find reliable essay writers to create academic assignments on their behalf. For instance, you can go through a review and check out what other students have to say about the platform. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about academic writing at all. It is vital to know how to express your thoughts and ideas.
It really pays to have writing skills even when you don’t look forward to practice them from time to time. Is essay writing that complicated? Not really, all it takes is mastering the writing process, which consists of three main parts; composing/preparation, writing, and redrafting. Each part comes with a number of things to work on. Below is a brief guide highlighting each part involved in essay writing:


This part calls for ultimate concentration because it determines the flow of the essay. It is during this part that you should take time to understand the essay and its writing requirements, which include the font, citations, maximum/minimum number of pages, etc. Find a suitable topic for the essay (if it is not provided), conduct research, and note down all the essay-related findings.
Once you nail down the preparation phase, you are ready to proceed to the writing part.


This is the phase to put down everything on paper. In this particular phase, you should bear in mind that your paper should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction part should be interesting or attention-grabbing to serve as a motivation for the reader to read on. Then comes the body, which carries the main ideas of the essay. Don’t forget to mind the paragraphs, citing information sources, and text length requirements.
The final part of the writing phase is the conclusion, which should be impactful enough to leave a lasting impression on the reader. They should be able to see a connection between your arguments and the significance of your findings.


You can decide to revise paragraphs as you complete them one by one, or revise the whole draft upon completion. Reading through the entire draft helps you find any grammatical errors, misused and misplaced phrases, wrongly used punctuation marks, etc. You can also add or remove some words. If you don’t trust your revision skills, consider involving a friend or a proofreading tool/site.
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Online Essay Writing Services For Every Student

Possessing academic essay writing skills is one thing, and finding enough time to write the essays is entirely another different thing. This is because, of course, there are so many engagements in college that consume much of your time. For this reason, sometimes it may be difficult to allocate enough time and also be in the right state of mind to handle essays.
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